Improving Foreign Language Learning Using Video Games


  • Theodore Alexander Atmaja English Study Program, Faculty of Economics and Business University of Widya Dharma Pontianak


The evolution of multimedia has reached into the most advance level in technological history for the past few years since the introduction of multimedia home console like Sony Playstation in 1994. Multimedia home console could provide more content that easily accessible supported by cheap purchased in the market. The emerge of home console, the new idea of language teaching also followed the same way in implementation either direct or indirect. For young learners, adopting video game as the media of language understanding can be both effective and efficient. The efficiency of adapting video game as the media of language understanding are; video game content provides both direct conversation with subtitle available by setting and the ability of switching designated language as spoken suitable for player. Furthermore, in video games usage in language learning acceleration, the study explored more in video games advantage in language understanding in thorough and the rapid increase of vocabulary management. The research method applied is textual analysis and the research is conducted by obtaining the corpus available/triggered during gameplay. The research is analyzing the text and the culture elements available in Biohazard HD remastered. The goal of this research is to determine the significance improvement of Biohazard HD remastered in improving language study and cross culture understanding in the advance of enhancing language acquisition. To conclude, to both language and cross-cultural understanding, Biohazard HD remastered is proven effective in engaging discussion among players who participated in solving puzzle also within the same time; players may use the discussion to practice their language skills. Biohazard HD remastered is suitable for senior high school and college student in pursuing the effective ways of learning language. Keywords: multimedia, video game, vocabulary, conversation, sociolinguistics