Students’ Attitudes Towards Structure Subjects in Distance Learning


  • Windy Windy English Study Program, Faculty of Economics and Business University of Widya Dharma Pontianak


Online learning becomes a common teaching method in learning activities, especially during the pandemic. Since 2020, learning activities have transformed into non-face-to-face interaction. However, there is a tendency that the students are not capable of coping with the lessons during distance learning. It might lead them not to achieve the full understanding of the given material. This might be caused by the attitude performed by the students toward the lesson. Since to be successful in studying, a positive attitude or negative attitude becomes one of the factors in determining the success. This research is conducted using the quantitative method. The data is collected by sharing the questionnaires to the second semester student. The questionnaires contain statements of students’ attitudes that are related to online learning. The index obtained from the data gathered is 6.42% which shows the teaching style performed is suitable. Most respondents chose strongly agree (20.83%), agree (33.61%), and neutral (33.88%). Meanwhile, the percentage of those who chose disagree and strongly disagree (11.68%). From the percentage and the index number shown draw the conclusion that the teaching is suitable. Keywords: distance learning, online learning, attitude, positive attitude