Role Play Implementation in English for Business Class Students of Accounting Study Program in University of Widya Dharma Pontianak


  • Udur Delima Sibatuara English Study Program, Faculty of Economics and Business University of Widya Dharma Pontianak, Indonesia


The purpose of this research is to describe the implementing of role play in English for Business class students of Accounting Study Program. This study included 102 accounting study program students who enroll for the English for Business one, but there only 67 students as the object for this research and they were students in their first semester majoring in Accounting at Universitas Widya Dharma Pontianak. The data was gathered through survey, observation and interviews. The data was then analyzed using descriptive analysis. The findings of this study indicate that role play was successfully implemented , (1) the implementation of role play in teaching Business English has gone well in accordance with the procedures of role play, and (2) there are some strategies used to help students minimize their anxiety in learning, such as creating a relaxed environment in the learning process, practicing makes perfect, and motivating students; Students performed admirably, motivated, and have new experience especially presenting using English. They could use English depending on the situation. More exposure to real-world activities is recommended to help students improve their English skills.