The Effectiveness of Public Speaking Training in Improving Youths and Adolescences’ Self-Confidence at GPDI Bethlehem, Sungai Rengas


  • Udur Delima Sibatuara English Study Program, Faculty of Economics and Business University of Widya Dharma Pontianak


The ability to speak in public is known as public speaking. Public speaking can take many forms, including speeches, lectures, and presentations, as well as becoming a master of ceremony (MC) or event guide. Becoming a master of ceremony (MC) or an event guide is not easy; it takes a lot of practice and experience to perform well. This is because the ability to host a show is a soft skill that can be developed through continuous training and development. Many difficulties are encountered during its implementation, ranging from nervousness, fear, tension, and so on. The research method used is descriptive qualitative research, where data is obtained by distributing questionnaires, so that the results obtained from this researcher are in the form of a series of questionnaire results that have been distributed to respondents, with 33 respondents. The purpose of this study is to describe the difficulties of youths and teenagers in public speaking, and to analyze the effect of public speaking training on the self-confidence of youths and teenagers among the congregation at Gereja Pantekosta di Indonesia (GPdI) Bethlehem, Sungai Rengas. The result of this research shows that youths and teenagers feel happy and highly motivated to practice their public speaking skills. Thus, public speaking training has an effective effect on increasing the self-confidence of youths and teenagers in public. Keywords: self-confidence, public speaking training, youths and teenagers.