An Intrinsic Analysis in William Shakespeare’s Tale from The Perspectives of Character’s Personalities, Plot and Settings

Harpiansi Harpiansi, Masagus Sulaiman


This research is aimed at finding out character’s personalities, plot and settings of a tale, The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare. The descriptive-qualitative method was used. The documentation technique was applied in collecting the data. To analyze the data, the researcher used an intrinsic approach. The results showed that there were three sorts of character’s personalities in the story (i.e. round character, flat character, dynamic character).  In this research, round characters (major characters) had something to do with Antonio and Shylock.In addition, flat characters (minor characters) had connection with Bassanio, Gratiano, Portia, Nerissa, Jessica, Lorenzo, Morocco and Arragon, and dynamic characters (double characters) had been in line with Portia and Nerissa. In addition the plot of the story had something to do with sirkuler, linear and foreshadowing. Furthermore, the settings of the story related to setting of the time, in terms of long ago and three months, while setting of place, in terms of a court and at Portia’s house as well as at Belmont in Italy.


Keywords: tale, character’s personalities, plot, settings

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