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Electron configuration is the arrangement or distribution of electrons in an atom or molecule. The arrangement of electrons in each atom follows the special rules of the chemists. These rules include the rules of the principle of Aufbau, the rules of the Pauli Prohibition Principles and the rules of the principle of Hund. In every arrangement of electrons in an atomic orbitals will produce a notation of electron configuration, this notation can be calculated using the atomic number of an element. The electron configuration notation used by experts in the calculation process is to know the location of an element in the periodic system of chemical elements by following the rules set by the previous experts. As for each rule has different provisions in setting rules but on each rule have a relationship with each other to be able to determine the location of chemical elements in conjunction with peiodik system of chemical elements. To be able to help ease the process of calculating electron configurations in order to reduce the likelihood of calculation with different rules in accordance with the rules of the chemists. So the authors designed an application that specifically perform desktop-based electron configuration calculations by using Microsoft Visual Basic.Net 2010. In designing the application feature of electron configuration calculation, the author studied the literature related to the electron configuration material by using the rules of Aufbau Principles, the rules The Pauli Prohibition Principle and the Rules of Principle Hund rule. Data collection techniques used are literature studies that include research reports, scientific journals, theses, and e-books are downloaded from the internet. The technique of system analysis used is object oriented technique that is with Unified Modeling Language (UML). Application design techniques used as storage are XML (Extensible Markup Language) and application design with Microsoft Visual Basic .Net 2010. The conclusion drawn from this research is the calculation of electron configuration using three rules of experts (Rules of Aufbau Principle, Pauli Prohibition Principle and Principle of Hund Rules) can be applied in an application design that can help calculate electron configurations. Keywords: Electron, Periodic System, Chemical Elements