Leonardo Wijaya


PO Setia Indah is a company engaged in the sale of furniture household appliances (chairs, dining tables, wardrobe, dish rack, bed) and office supplies (desk and office chairs), where the sales process is still conventional. This means that consumers must go to PO Setia Indah to be able to purchase products. The development of e-commerce sales system in PO Setia Indah is a step to increase the sales of products so as to provide benefits for the company. The purpose of establishing e-commerce system is the sale of this furniture consumers can place a product order without having to come to PO Setia Indah, the company can solve the problem of product processing, order processing so as to provide convenience to consumers to obtain information about PO Setia Indah products. Data analysis technique used by writer is Unified Modeling Language (UML) Based on the result of this research, this system is made using Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 application, PHP programming language, HTML, CSS The author also uses MySQL to design database (phpMyAdmin). this research is implemented with e-commerce on PO Setia Indah this can be used as a means of sale that can be accessed wherever and whenever, purchasing process can directly without having to come to store, and can simplify process of transaction of product purchase. goes well the PO Setia Indah employees must first training before running the website, the company must present the correct information on the products displayed on the website so that prospective consumers have the same perception of the expected product, and keep website information on PO Setia Indah order keep up to date.


Keywords: Design, Information Systems, Sales, Website

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