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Culinary tourism is an exciting thing and a good potential for development. For that many food producers set up a culinary endeavors to increase the potential economic value. The utilization of information technology nowadays, is a proper search strategy to find the location of the culinary efforts of an area. Web-based search system and use location visualization (map) will facilitate the community in finding and reaching out to culinary location. On the design of applications that used the author in designing web based applications to culinary quest using the Unified Modeling Language (UML), in designing the look of the application programs using Adobe Dreamweaver, the programming language used is PHP and HTML. For the design of a database using MySQL and search the place for culinary use the Haversine Formula search method. The applied system based on hiversine algorithm formula discusses the culinary quest. On the application of the process of calculating the distance by taking the value of the lattitude and longitude between the location of the start with a location in databese. Based on implementation will display the nearest distance from the initial location in the form of numbers with units of kilometers. The conclusion that can be elaborated from the results is the distance shown is the nearest distance from the initial location.


Keywords: Haversine Formula, Search culinary tour, Pontianak

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