Steven Cung


In this era, information technology is growing very rapidly and can not be denied that now the information system has begun to be applied to agencies, especially educational institutions. With the many state and private institutions that play a role in improving education in Indonesia, then in the work is vulnerable to errors because there are still some things done manually. Problems such as those experienced by LKIA Elementary School are sometimes experienced misassessment and processing reports that take a long time. Analytical techniques and system design used by the author in conducting this research is object-oriented techniques and modeling tools used are Unified Modeling Language (UML). In the design of assesment information systems using database design with Microsoft SQL Server 2008, programming languages using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 as well as making reports with Crystal Report. The result of this research resulted in a design of assessment information system at SD LKIA Pontianak. This system can be used by LKIA Elementary School to solve problems that occur in schools because the assessment process and reports have been done automatically by the system. The conclusion of this research is the design of computerized system using the application and storage using database can help overcome the problems faced by SD LKIA, and suggestion given in connection with the proposed system is the existence of training for the user of system so that system user can know how to use system correctly.

Keyword: Analysis, Design, Information System, Assessment


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