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In this era, technology has evolved and continuously evolving. One of the example is augmented reality technology. Augmented reality technology is a technology that can projects virtual objects into the real environment. Therefore, research is conducted to implement the technology of augmented reality into product introduction media so that product introduction process can be better and more interactive. The research method used in developing augmented reality car introduction application is literature study by reading the books related to the problems and observation by directly observing the car which will be made as three dimensional object and studying the Honda's car introduction media. On developing augmented reality applications Honda's car introduction, writers use Blender to design the three dimensional objects, augmented reality marker service from Vuforia, and Unity 3D for designing and manufacturing applications. The augmented reality application for Honda's car introduction that has been developed hopefully can help users to know the product better because the application has been designed with an interactive interface and users can view the car as a 3D object by using augmented reality camera. The conclusion that can be obtained from the results of this study is augmented reality applications that has been built already able to run well on Android operating system and display the exterior shape of Honda car models that are marketed in Indonesia in the form of 3D objects. As for suggestions that can be given for further development is this application can be developed with a better interface, object model that is displayed with a more perfect design also can display the interior, and can display the field simulation for each model of displayed car..


Keywords: Android, Augmented Reality, 3D object, Smartphone.

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