Adhe Banua Wiraguna


As the development of information technology at this time, the need for more information increases and the computer plays an important role to be part that can’t be separated from business activities. Information is not just a complement, but also a demand to achieve corporate goals. Rapid technological developments seen in the field of computer-based technology. The inventory and sales information system used on PO Jeni is still manual in providing information. Thus, it is necessary to design inventory and sales information system at PO Jeni aims to improve work efficiency in company, and business process can run smoothly without any obstacle, can give information fast, and improve service quality to buyer. The author uses descriptive research design as a research design, while data collection methods used are interviews, observation and literature study. The author uses Unified Modeling Language (UML) as a technique of system analysis in inventory information systems and sales of goods. The system tool techniques used are Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0, the design of Microsoft Office Access 2007 database and Crystal Report 8.5 to design the report. Based on the research conducted, a system of inventory transaction information, cash and credit purchases, purchase returns, cash sales, sales returns, debt repayment, inventory reports, purchase reports, purchase returns, sales reports, debt repayment reports and sales returns PO Jeni in order to assist employees in obtaining information and process data better and quality. Conclusion that the use of computer-based system can improve service to customers through improvement of company performance. As for suggestions that can be given is the need for accuracy in entering data, the need for user training system and maintenance of hardware and software that support the performance of the proposed system and the need for system evaluation if applied.


Keywords: Information system, supply, sale

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