• Gerry Liauw
  • Antonius Antonius
  • Thommy Willay


Smartphones are the development of cellular telephone technology that is able to carry out an integrated computing process with various human activities without being restricted in one region. Smartphones are one of the human needs because of the ease of accessing information and communication between people. This is also supported by this information technology device that is concise so that high human mobility is maintained while using it. Nowadays smartphones can be used in various ways, one of which is in the music field. Music is an art that combines sounds or sounds into a harmonious and beautiful melodic tone to be heard. In general, to make a good music, a good and correct basic understanding of music is needed, such as an understanding of chords and scales. In the past, before digital technology and the internet were discovered, music learning had to go through schools and even certain courses with people who were experts in their fields so that not everyone could learn music easily. With this Piano Chord and Scale Library application, everyone can learn the basics of the music namely chords and scales. This Piano Chord and Scale Library application based on Android will be designed with the help of Unified Modeling Language modeling techniques for the flow of information systems and Android Studio 3.2.0 as application creation software. This study resulted in an Android-based Piano Chord and Scale application as a suggestion in learning chords and scales. The basic purpose of this application is to try to provide convenience to users. The conclusion obtained by the author in conducting this research is the Piano Chord and Scale Library application that has been designed to assist users in learning chords and scales. The suggestions that the author can give for further development are providing additional features such as playable piano animation and can provide an overview of chords or scales and basic piano learning for beginners.   Keywords: Piano Chord and Scale, Android