Yosep Joni Indratno


In the computerized age, information has been growing rapidly. There is an operating system that used for mobile phone and smartphone. Smartphone as a product of mobile phone, now has been grown up and attracted the users because its features can bedisplayed  for completing the needs and the attraction for the peoples as the users. The kind of smartphone operating systems are Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Android, iPhone etc. Android operating system are the one of operating systemswhich is growing present.  The advantages of this operating system, like a changing of operating system according what we want, a lot of computer application available for android smartphone. This research used Unified Modeling Language (UML) to design the application as a analytics technique. In application design, the writer use the Eclipse Kepler Service Release 1 programming language. The research results an application that can be a new alternative to translate  Indonesian language to Dayak language, especially sub etnic of Dayak Kandayan, Mualang and Pandu. With these dictionary application the author expects that this can be a help to learn the dayak language because its effectiveness and easy to grab by downloading on Google Play Store and free. The conclusion the result of analytic is this application is very helpful as an alternative to translating, adding a new data and recording the voice, especially from Indonesian language to Dayak language and these application work good suitable on Operating System Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean) or upper version. The writer give some advice to make the application more attracted, such as : the next development of this application is added by another Dayak language from another Dayak sub ethnic because there’s a lot of Dayak sub ethnic, especially on West Borneo, and later user who wants to get this application can download it on Google Play Store.

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