Analisis Kualitas Pendidikan Tinggi Menurut Persepsi Mahasiswa Berdasarkan Dimensi Servqual

Royani Royani, Hadi Santoso


This study was aimed to find the most important dimensions of service in higher education from students' perceptions. The results showed that students prioritized the dimensions of reliability compared to other dimensions in servqual of the higher education. For students, lecturers with good teaching skills are the most important things in determining the quality of the offered educational service.Whereas in the dimension of responsiveness, clarity of information and employee services is considered very important. Students expect the institution not only providing knowledge, but also helping students in developing their personalities and increasing their level of confidence. The higher education institution is expected to provide lecture facilities, especially sophisticated computer laboratories in accordance with current technology and the demands of the workplace. Other result is non-discriminatory treatment is perceived as the most important element in the simpathy dimension. Based on the results of the study, it shows that the level of performance of the target tertiary institution was not in line with the expectations of the students; there are negative gaps in all the elements in question in the servqual dimension.

Keywords :   servqual dimension, higher education quality, dimension of realibility, dimension of responsiveness, dimension of simpathy.

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