Menilai Ekpektasi dan Persepsi Kualitas Jasa Penerbangan Domestik dengan Analisis Servqual


  • Royani Royani Universitas Katolik Indonesia Atma Jaya


Management of the aviation service companies need information about the want and the expectation of their consumers. This research wants to find which servqual dimension has the most influence on consumers' perceptions of the quality of domestic aviation services by looking at differences in consumer characteristics in terms of education, flight frequency and reasons for using the aviation services.Research shows that reliability is the most important dimension, while tangible is the least important dimension. There are still gaps in domestic aviation services, so airline service companies need to increase their services.Flight frequency affects the perception of three dimensions i.e reliability, reassurance and empathy. But level of education and purpose of flights show no significant influence in consumer perceptions to the quality of domestic aviation services.Keywords: consumer perceptions, service quality, consumer characteristics, dimension of servqual