Perancangan Sistem Informasi Persediaan Penjualan Sparepart Pada PT Duta Umindo Adity


  • Soebandi -
  • Alfred Yulius A.P
  • Ng Ady Harjoko


Information system inventory and sales of spare parts used by PT Duta Umindo Aditya is still using semi-manual way. Application of semi-manual system raises several problems such as data and inventory buildup is not well controlled. Therefore, the authors analyze and design information systems and sales of spare parts inventory with the goal to improve and accelerate the performance of the company so that business processes can be run better. The author uses descriptive research design as the design of the study by describing the subject or object of research on running system, while the data collection method used is the method of observation, interviews, literature studies and documentation. The author uses the UML as the techniques data analysis and using Microsoft Visual FoxPro 9.0 in engineering system design. The author designed a computer-based information system that aims to process inventory and sales data processing and presenting reports such as inventory report, purchase report, sales report and reports returns. The conclusion that the design of information systems inventories and sales allows authors proposed processing and search data quickly, more regular data storage and ease in preparation of reports and data security is guaranteed. So that the system to run well,  the authors suggest the need for training and guidance for employees to operate the application is applied.