Perancangan Aplikasi Timer Elektronik Dengan Arduino Kit Untuk MengendalikanRangkaian Relay


  • Stepanus -
  • Riyadi J. Iskandar
  • Tony Darmanto


The progress of digital electronics have resulted in the variousform of ready used-hardware which includes devices like microcontroller circuits. By implementing the digital electronic techniques combined with the microcontroller, it is possible to design a tool with certain and specific automatization. The existence of automatization is essential to support human works. This research produces a timer application in computer and hardware which represented in a relay circuit connected to Arduino’s microcontroller. The user just need to set the function and activation time interval by using the application’s interface in computer, then the relay will disconnected-connected the electric current based on the timer-controlled microcontroller’s output. After this research has accomplished, it can be concluded that the computer-controlled timer is suitable to be used in a repetitive work-scheduling without a necessity of high time accuracy. The maximum power in care of the relay must be concerned (without exceeds the relay’s maximum power). The suggestion of the writer for further development of this research related with the combination of database utilization for saving the setting of function and time interval worked out by the user, so when the electric current ‘down’, the user don’t need to repeat the setting.