Analisis dan Perancangan Sistem Informasi Persediaan dan Penjualan Pada CV Cahaya Sanindo Abadi Pontianak


  • Suwiena Abdul Hadi
  • Genrawan Hoendarto
  • Dewi - -


The purpose of this research was conducted to assist companies in generating information with relatively more rapid, precise and accurate. Such information to the inventories of stock as well as in data processing. The Data collection method used is the method of interview, observation and study of literature. The author use (UML) Unified Modeling Language  as data analysis technique, Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 as engineering design system, Microsoft Access 2007 as database design technique and  Crystal Report 8.5 as engineering design report. The author conclude that conclusions on the research is the existence of a new computerized system is expected process of data processing, recording of data or in the making of reports to be relatively quick, precise and accurate. So as to provide good service to customers. To minimize errors in data processing, data recording and reporting, the author suggest  to provide training and guidance for employees in the company.