• Kristina Kristina
  • Thommy Willay
  • Andrianus Abang Lahirsa


The importance of information about pregnant women encourages writers to design applications for determining the age of pregnancy and the estimated birthdays of babies in pregnant women. The author uses the Neagele formula to calculate the estimated birthday of the baby, and the weight of the fetus and to apply the Sequential Search algorithm to search patient data. The author uses Black Box Testing to conduct tests on applications that are made. The data collection technique used is the study of literature which includes scientific books, scientific journals, theses, e-books and other sources that are both printed and electronic. The system analysis technique used is object-oriented technique using the Unified Modeling Language (UML) modeling technique. The application design technique used is to use Visual Basic.Net 2010. While the research method used is the Sequential Search method to search the application for Determining the Age of Pregnancy and Estimating the Birth of Babies on Pregnant Women. Search (Searching) is a search process that starts from the first data (in this case is a data element from an array with index number 1) to the last data (in this case is a data element from an array with index number N) to find and get a value based on one key or word reference. Application for Determining the Age of Pregnancy and Estimating the Birthday of a Baby on Pregnant Women which is designed to be used to add information to the community, especially for pregnant women to find out the gestational age and estimated birth of babies. The application that has been designed provides information about calculating the estimated date of birth of the baby, gestational age, fetal weight and providing contraceptive information. The conclusion of this study is the application application that is made to help midwives and doctors in calculating the estimated gestational age and estimated birth of babies, Sequential Search method successfully applied in the search for patient data in this case the search for pregnant women and patient number searches. The advice that the author gives is to add more complete information about pregnant women, add more menus that are useful for pregnant women, the interface can be designed more attractive and communicative.   Keywords: Pregnancy, Estimated, Babies, Pregnant Women