The Use of Flashcards and Real Objects as Teaching Media for Teaching English Speaking to Young Learners


  • Vitha Ama Matuate English Study Program, Faculty of Economics and Business University of Widya Dharma Pontianak


Flashcards and real objects are two kinds of teaching media used for English teaching to improve the students’ speaking skills. In English teaching and learning, speaking is one of the skills that is difficult to master for young learners. By using flashcards and real objects as teaching media, students could learn English in attractive and fun ways. In this research, the researcher wants to see the effectiveness of using flashcards and real objects as teaching media to mixed-class students. This research was conducted during the community service activity held by the English Department, University of Widya Dharma Pontianak. There were six students who participated in this community service. Those students are mixed from the first to third grades of elementary school. This research uses descriptive qualitative methods since it is more about how to implement the use of flashcards and real objects as the teaching media for English speaking. The learning activities plan is carried out in four steps, namely preparation, observation and treatment, and reflection. In the learning activities, the researcher uses flashcards and real objects in the introductions and drilling sessions of the meetings. To sum up, the use of flashcards and real objects in teaching English speaking can increase the students' interest in learning English and motivate them to be confident in speaking English. The teaching and learning process became more interesting and fun since the activities conducted mostly used simple approaches (identification, mentioning the names of the flashcards and real objects, and questions and answers) and physical activities (learning to speak through games using flashcards and real objects).Keywords: flashcards, real objects, teaching media, teaching speaking