Wiryandi Pomin


Android is the most widely used operating system on smartphones. Smartphones as a technology can be a means of entertainment and learning, one of which is a game of Chess. The ELO Rating system was created to calculate the relative skill level of players in a two-player game. The ELO Rating algorithm in pairwise comparisons compares the opponent's rating record and calculates the likelihood of winning against each other. The probability factor determines how many rival rating points rise or fall based on the results of each comparison. The author uses descriptive research and experimental design as a research design. While the technique of analysis and design using object-oriented techniques is to use Unified Modeling Language (UML). Java on Android Studio and Visual Basic was chosen as a programming language to develop software while SQLite for database design. The results used in this study are an Android-based chess application with a chess server based on Visual Basic with SQLite database found on the server as a media that let players to compete with other players based on ELO Rating as a numerical rank to measure the relative skill level of players with other players in the ranking category determined by the author which is Champion, Grand Master, Master, Elite, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze category..


Keywords: game application, Chess, ELO Rating, Android

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