Kristina Irma Hildayanti


The music is an art branch that uses vocal, melody, harmony, rhythm and tempo. In creating a musical work, the composer will create a music script called a partitur. In Indonesia is still a lot of using partitur of numerical notation. Writing media of numerical notation partitur is still dificult and slow. Therefore, the author raised the title "Applications Designing of Music Partitur Makers with Numerical notation". The author uses experimental research methods by conducting experiments and testing of the applications created and by studying the literature related to the topic of research. The analysis technique used in this research is object oriented and using modeling tool Unified Modeling Language (UML) to describe the designed of application. In designing these applications, the authors use visual studio 2010 programming language. The results of this research in the form of applications that can be used to create a musical partitur notes neatly and easily in accordance with the wishes. From this application user can listen the tones from not-not that maked and expressing the feel or emotion of composer. So that the created partitur produces beautiful music and can express the feelings or emotions of its creator. The conclusions obtained from the analysis is the application of music partitur maker with not numbers can help users to know, understand and learn numberical notation and make the musical notes numerically with efficient. Suggestions from the design of the application of the music partitur maker with numerical notation is to develop the application with more ease in editing the musical partitur numericals notation.


Keywords: Notation, Partitur, Numerical notations, Application

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