Giovani Lie


The use of internet technoloy in Indonesia is not a new thing anymore. It is because the rapid developement of technology. There’s somany companies are using internet technology in every field of work.   The author uses descriptive research design as a design study. While the data collection methods used were interviews, observation, and literature study. Analysis technique and design of systems used in the research is the Unified Modeling Language (UML). Design technique of the system to design the database is MySQL, programming language used are Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) and the HyperText Markup Language (HTML).This research resulted in a draft inventory and sales information system online at Mustika Indah Shop used to facilitate the activities of the process of delivering information about products sold in order to make sales online using internet media. Customers can view products and purchase products via the Internet so that the information process more effective and efficient. In conclusion, the proposed system can expand your marketing reach, improve service to customers and find out the information offered products by Mustika Indah Shop up to date easily and quickly and be able to support operational activities. Suggestions from authors in connection with the proposed system is to always keep the information on the website up to date, to backup the database periodically, to develop a variety of features that allow it to conduct online transactions, and perform maintenance in order to avoid errors in the system.


Keywords: Design, Information System, Website, Sales

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