Timotius Hasanudin


Expert system is computer-based information system that uses expert knowledge to reach a high performance level decisions in a narrow problem domain, this study aims to produce an application system for the identification of disease in the human digestive system that can assist health workers in dealing with diseases of the digestive system of humans . Development of application systems is for the identification of disease in the human digestive system, the author used the Unified Modeling Language (UML) to perform system analysis, Microsoft Visual Basic.Net, Microsoft Office SQL Server as the database, and Dempster Shafer method to identify the disease. In this essay, data collection was done by literature study and  doing interviews with some experts in the field. In writing the essay and development of this software application systems for the identification of disease in the human digestive system, the intent and purpose are to make an ease to health workers and public in obtaining information, knowledge, and how to manage the disease in the human digestive system more easily and effective. In this study, the author draw the conclusion of the weight percentage rate of disease identified based on the calculation of the amount of weight of symptoms that have been divided by the total number of domains based on disease symptoms, and then multiplies it by 100%, which means that the level of confidence and stage attacks against a disease based on symptoms chosen. Suggestions which the author wants to convey, for those who want to do a study on expert system is this application may be an alternative and become an example for the next development of expert systems, and hopefully for those who see weakness in this application, can help to develop this application in order to make it better.

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