Rudy Gunawan


The use and utilization of the Internet as a means of information and communication globally can be used as a medium for business today. One of the use of the internet in the business world that is as a promotional medium where everyone can promote a product or advertising over the Internet. So far, there are many sellers of mobile phones are still doing conventional promotion, so the range is still limited promotion and can not be extended to the entire area that causes the products sold are less known by the public. It also happens to buyers who are looking for mobile products. Buyers must go to the store to look for products that comply with the wishes. If they've found one store that sells products that are sought after, usually buyers will look at other stores as well as price comparisons in order to obtain a product with the lowest price. Because it takes time and patience then this will be less efficient if the buyer fails to find the product you are looking for. Website designed by the author is expected to become a forum where buyers and sellers can use it as a means of more efficient business.

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