Analisis Pengaruh Minat Belajar terhadap Motivasi Belajar pada Mahasiswa Prodi Manajemen Perkantoran Universitas Widya Dharma Pontianak

Sandra Endang Suci Octora, Nova Arestia, Deasy Rinayanti Pelealu


The number of problems related to the learning process results in a lack of student learning motivation so that students are reluctant to carry out their duties. Learning motivation can increase if all the factors concerned are able to arouse student interest. Interest is one of the internal factors that influence student motivation, with the interest that arises it will result in someone having a sense of interest and liking for something that is done. This study aims to determine whether there is an influence of interest in learning-on-learning motivation in office management study program students at Widya Dharma University Pontianak. This type of research is associative research. Associative research is research between two or more variables. The independent variable used is interest in learning while the dependent variable is learning motivation. The sample in this study used 84 people who were selected by census sampling technique. Based on the results of the t-test test, obtained a significance value of 0.00 and less than 0.05, so that interest in learning can affect students' learning motivation. Every student has an obligation to study harder. Therefore, it is hoped that every teacher and university can increase interest in learning by providing good teaching services and supporting facilities.


Keywords:     interest in learning, motivation, education

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