Pengaruh Kasus Covid-19 terhadap Angka Pembuatan SIM C di Polresta Kota Pontianak

Yohanes Andis Arya Panca Putra


The rapid spread of the Covid-19 in Indonesia has had a negative effect on the number of SIM C making, especially in Pontianak City, West Kalimantan Province. The authorities should be able to respond and create a SIM registration and extension system that can provide a sense of security and public trust, especially in the pandemic era, this can even be applied when the pandemic era has ended. The level of public awareness that is decreasing and does not make the making of SIM C a priority should make the police forcefully carry out motorbike raids in every place where motorcyclists who do not have a SIM C are found to create security and discipline in traffic.


KeywordsCovid-19, pandemic era, SIM C registration, SIM C extension, public trust, public awareness

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