Analisis Pengaruh Pelatihan terhadap Kinerja Karyawan Bagian Produksi pada PT Sumber Djantin Pontianak

Sandra Endang Suci Octora


Training is conducted to improve and enhance the ability of employees to work. Increased employee ability can be seen from the results of performance. Performance can improve if the company pays attention to training factors related to reactions to training, learning from training, behavior after training and results from training. This study aims to determine the effect of training on the performance of production department employees at PT Sumber Djantin Pontianak. Data collection techniques through questionnaires. The sample in this study were 40 employees of the production department. Determination of the sample used is the census method. Discussion by conducting validity test, reliability test, normality test, linearity test, simple linear regression analysis and partial test (t test). Testing the model under study using SPSS 23.0 software. Based on the results of partial testing, show training testing on employee performance have a significance value of 0.01 <0.05. The conclusion obtained is that training has a significant effect on employee performance. So with the training given by the company to employees of all production can improve employee performance.


Keywords: training, employee performance, skills, expertise

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