Analisis SWOT dalam Menentukan Posisi Kompetitif (Studi Kasus PT Wahana Prima Anugerah di Pontianak)

Andry Lindi Lim


SWOT Analysis in Determining Competitive Position (Case Study of PT Wahana Prima Anugerah in Pontianak) is a problem raised in this study, and the authors limit it to IFAS (Internal Strategic Factor Analysis Summary) matrix of factors, external factors or EFAS (External Strategic Factor Analysis Summary), and SWOT Matrix Analysis. Descriptive methods and data collection techniques are done by conducting interviews and observation. The population is the leader of PT Wahana Prima Anugerah in Pontianak. Employee retrieval techniques interviewed using experienced employees. The results showed that the IFE matrix obtained a total score of 2.4, which means that the company has a strong internal position, the EFE matrix obtained a total score of 2.1, which means that it can take advantage of existing opportunities or avoid external threats. SWOT Matrix Analysis shows the company has a strategic position to support the development of obtaining a strategic advantage, meaning that in this position a good time management to deal with very competitive competitors and competitive prices can be used to face customers who are changing due to price factors, and should consider giving more consideration to avoiding work with subcontracts that are too long offset by prices that tend to get higher, and also addressing work payments for too long overcome by price competition practices.


Keywords : strengths, opportunities, weakness, threats

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