Dampak Sosial Ekonomi Berternak Babi Lepas di Kecamatan Sungai Betung Kabupaten Bengkayang

Angelus Ewid


This study aims to find out the description of the socio-economic impact of raising pigs without cages in Sungai Betung Subdistrict, Bengkayang Regency. This research was conducted in 4 villages in Sei Betung sub-district (Suka Bangun village, Suka Maju, Karya Bakti and Cipta Karya). This research was conducted in January-July 2018. The research location was determined purposively. The material used consisted of: (1) the community as respondents (2) traditional/loose pig farmers. Observations show that pig farmers in Sungai Betung Subdistrict use two methods of raising pigs according to the type of pig. In social conditions where farmers can manage their livestock to produce more like a business activity and are environmentally friendly.

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