Pengaruh Stress dan Konflik Terhadap Kinerja Perawat pada RSUD Soedarso Pontianak

Deasy Rinayanti Pelealu


Generally, all jobs could cause stress and conflict. However, each individual will be trying to adapt with their environments in family, society and jobs for avoiding that problems. Once of the jobs could vulnerable to cause stress and conflict is a nurse jobs, where it is a professional services in the hospital. The nurse job require longest contact with patients. Higher working pressure and heavy hours has impact to higher level of stress and conflict. This research purpose to analysis impact of stress and conflict toward nurse performance at RSUD Soedarso Pontianak. The type of this research is explanatory research in which explain relative variables of stress, conflict and performance through validity test and instrument reliability. Analysis data conducted by using normality test, linearity and multiple linear regression. The results of the research showed that in simultaneous and partial have no significant impact between two independent variable of stress and conflict toward nurse performance at RSUD Soedarso. It is showed by small value of coefficient stress and conflict which each of them have value of -0,003 and 0,067. As well as with the significant F value has 0,764 or above significant limit 0,05 so it cause result of the similar regression could not be used for conducting performance appraisal.

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pp. 93-104


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