Soebandi Soebandi, Sandi Tendean, Suyanto Suyanto


The rapid developments in technology now makes it possible to transform a manual system to a computerized system. And it can also be applied to the CV Samudra Diesel which until today still use sales recording process manually. This study aimed to analyze the weaknesses and needs of the inventory and sales information systems in CV Samudra Diesel to be given in the form of a draft proposed improvement of information systems that can meet the needs of the company. It is appropriate if a company wants to develop a system to be better able to use a computerized information system, so as to provide facilities and produce information quickly and appropriately in carrying out all the work that is in the business of trading. Inventory and sales information systems are supported by the use of barcodes can help reduce the rate of errors while entering data into the system. Implementation of information systems with the use of barcode scanners are expected to simplify and accelerate the process of activities within firms and to improve the accuracy of the data so that information produced higher quality.

Keywords —information system, inventory, sales, barcode

Full Text:

p 51-60


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