Tony Darmanto, Sandi Tendean, Yansen Christian


PT Karunia Mekar Teknindo is the company that move in electricity power utilization installation selling in Kota Pontianak, where the sales activities of it is products are still done manually. There are several sales process problems with PT Karunia Mekar Teknindo, such as lack of delivering information on selling products media and constraints on the ordering and recording system, and the payments are often not confirmed so customers must come directly to the office to complete the transaction process. By using a web-based information system, it can improve the company's operational activities, especially in the sales sector. Data collection methods that used by researchers are observation, interview, documentation, and literature study. The researcher uses system design analysis techniques with the Unified Modeling Language (UML) modeling using the StarUML and the system design application that used for analyzing and designing web-based sales information systems is the PHP programming language using the Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 interface design application, and processing the database with MySQL using the XAMPP. With the design of a web-based sales information system towards PT Karunia Mekar Teknindo, it is hoped that it can improves the customer service, delivering the product information and sales activity could reach the area more widely and be able to record the transaction and inventory more accurately so it can increase the company profits.


Keywords: Information Systems, Sales, Web

Full Text:

p 72-82


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