Tony Darmanto, Lukman Lukman, Adrian Christian


The growth of augmented reality technology which can combined 2D and 3D object into a real environment which already specified and projecting the object in real time to the environment. Beside that the growth of technology especially smartphone mobile device based on Android which growing rapidly cause that device used by a lot of people. Beside the growth both of that technology which keeps growing rapidly, the technologies can be utilize through an application to introduce Indonesia culture to young generation one of them is like custom home which there are in Indonesia so that Indonesia custom home introduction become more interesting and not boring. By using smartphone the application utilization can be use anytime and anywhere as long as the application installed on the smartphone. In designing this application, the author studied the literature related to Android and augmented reality. The data collection techniques used are literature studies that include research reports, scientific journals, theses, and e-books are downloaded from the internet. The Conclusions can be drawn from this research result is the augmented reality application built can work well  and display the exterior side of the custom home by show 3D object and information about custom homewhen marker detected by the application.


Keywords: Android, Application, Augmented Reality, Rumah Adat

Full Text:

p 21- 30


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