Riyadi J. Iskandar, Manorang Gultom, Irene Nike Ardila


Technology is currently growing, marked by the existence of various Android-based operating system devices. Android uses an operating system derived from Linux and modified so that it can be used on mobile phones, tablets and other technological devices. The author uses data collection methods with interviews, observations, literature studies and literature studies. The analysis and design technique used is object-oriented language, while the Unified Modeling Language (UML) is used for system modeling. The database design uses MySQL, Java as the programming language and Android Studio in designing the display. This research produces an android-based BEST church activity schedule and information management application. This application to make it easier for administrators and pastors to organize BEST Pontianak church activities and make it easier for congregations to get information on church activities. The author makes validation to minimize errors when using the application. The conclusion obtained from this android application is that it makes it easier for administrators and pastors to make activities so that it will be easier for the congregation to get information on church activities. Suggestions from the author is to provide a more attractive interface than the existing application display, making it easier for users to use the application.


Keywords: Apps, Activities, information, Church, Android

Full Text:

p 11-22


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