Translation Shift in Short Story of The Backward Fall

Nurhayati Nurhayati, Ratna Dwi Hastuti


One of the interesting topics in translation is the translation shift, which shows changes in the meaning of a source language (SL) and a target language (TL). One of the changes is in grammar part from SL into TL. This paper is to analyze translation shifts focusing on category shifts, in Indonesian translation of an English short story. Descriptive qualitative method is used to get a deep understanding of the research subject. The sources of data were taken from both the source language text of “The Backward Fall” and the target language text of “Jatuh ke Atas” which were analyzed by applying Catford’s theory of category shifts. The number of category shifts found in this analysis was seven (7) structure shifts (28%), three (3) class shifts (12%), nine (9) unit shifts (36%), and six (6) intrasystem shifts (24%). This research is expected to be useful for those who have an interest in learning translation.


Keywords: translation, translation shift, category shift

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