The Students’ Self-Esteem Level in Contributing to English Speaking Skill

Rahmi Aulia Nurdini


Some aspects related to the learners’ personality of language learning, one of the personality factors is self-esteem. This study aims to determine the difference whether students who have a high or low level of self-esteem have significant success or not in contributing to the English speaking ability of students in the class. This study was undertaken at the undergraduate students of Economic Faculty, in the Management department, at one of the universities in Jakarta. The method used in this study through several data collection techniques, namely questionnaires, classroom observations, speaking tests, and interviews. Based on the findings showed that the students must also build up their self-esteem level as a basic to have more motivation in improving their English speaking skill. This possible strategy is beneficial and helpful for the learners, especially for those who have low self-esteem level in order to improve their speaking English skill better. The study suggests that

EFL practitioners pay attention to self-esteem aspect to obtain the optimum results of teachinglearning processes.


Keywords: low self-esteem, high self-esteem, speaking skill

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