Recognizing Word Order Errors in EFL’S English Narrative Composition: A Morphology Perspective

Paramita Kusumawardhani


This research was done to investigate kinds of word order errors, classify them, explain the characteristics of the errors, and evaluate the errors produced by the EFL. Word order errors happened because of the influence of the mother tongue and the lack of grammar that was supposed to have in the sentence. There are many kinds of word order errors found in the learners’ English narrative composition. The common word order errors are sentences and pronoun. Those word order errors mostly found on the learners’ writing. It happened because writing is the most difficult skill in learning English. The writing skill is complex and certainly difficult to teach, requiring not only grammatical and theoretical devices but also conceptual and judgmental elements. The research was done by using a descriptive method and the data were collected from 20 first-semester students at University of Bina Sarana Informatika Jakarta, English narrative composition. The results found in EFL’s English narrative composition were word order errors in the sentence are 7 errors, in pronoun are 6 errors, in adverb are 3 errors, in noun phrase are 2 errors, and in adverb of frequency are 2 errors.


Keywords: error analysis, kinds of error, word order, english narrative composition, EFL

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