The Feeling of Love is Appearing between Santiago Da Manolin in Novel "The Old Man and The Sea" Ernest Hemingway Works (Review of Humanistic Psychology)

Tuminah Tuminah


As is well known, the essence of a literary work contains various interpretations. From the novel The Old Man and The Sea (1954), by Ernest Miller Hemingway, the researcher took the main problem: What motivations encourage the emergence of love between Santiago and Manolin. In this study, a humanistic psychology approach from Abraham Maslow was used. This study aims to reveal the cause of the emergence of compassion between Santiago and Manolin while explaining the manifestation of affection between the two figures by using a humanistic psychology approach. The steps taken by the researcher to achieve the objectives of the above research are as follows: the primary data in the form of the novel The Old Man and The Sea are translated and grouped according to the problem. Then carried out an analysis of the two figures by applying psychological theory. Finally, a conclusion is drawn that answers the problem. After conducting a series of analysis activities, the researcher finally concluded that the life of Santiago, who was alone, encouraged him to continue working hard in his old age. This research is expected to be useful for readers to more closely understand Hemingway's work, especially the novels The Old Man and The Sea and readers can develop this research with other aspects of research.


Keywords : feeling of love, novel, humanistic psychology approach

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