Developing Supplementary Reading Materials Using Intermediate Level Novels

Paulina Erawati Paramita


This study was conducted to design a set of English supplementary reading materials using intermediate level novels for the semester two students at a Foreign Language Academy in Indonesia. There were two problems considered in this study. The first problem dealt with how a set of English supplementary reading materials using intermediate level novels was designed. The second problem dealt with what the designed set of materials would look like. The writer conducted pre-design and post-design surveys to solve the problems above. The pre-design survey was aimed at gaining information for a needs analysis, which was to design the materials. This was done by distributing the questionnaires to the students and interviewing related English Reading lecturer. The post-design survey was aimed at gaining feedback and evaluation from two English lecturers for the designed set of materials. In designing the materials, the writer applied eight steps which were adapted from Kemp’s and Yalden’s Instructional Design. The writer developed eight units which were determined according to the needs survey. Furthermore, each unit consisted of three sections, namely Setting the context, Reading the text and Responding to the text. The designed set of materials was fairly good and acceptable. The designed materials were good and acceptable.


Keywords : supplementary reading, materials, novels

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