A Pragmatic Analysis of The Utterances in Welcoming Ramadhan via Social Media Whatsapp

Dhiant Asri, Ike Revita, Adrianis Adrianis


Ramadhan is the holy month for Muslim to do self-purification. In order to welcome Ramadhan, the most common expression is saying happy Ramadhan. This expression is followed by asking for an apology and praying for getting a blessing. The objectives of this writing are to identify logical sequences of utterances as in welcoming Ramadhan and factors that influence utterances used. Data are selected from utterances which express users feeling in welcoming Ramadhan 1439 H. The utterances are sent via WhatsApp by lecturers of Andalas University. An interview is conducted to observe factors that affect utterances used. In collecting data, the observational method is supported by note-taking, interviewing, and recording. Then, the results are presented in formal and informal methods.


Keywords: types of utterances, affecting factors, Ramadhan, WhatsApp

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